Color or Die Update

Color or Die is a rainbow horror experience! The main goal of the game is to open all the doors and collect 13 or 16 brushes. However, the task is far from plain. The lurking monster hides in the shadows, and players can only avoid its sight by disguising themselves as walls! In addition to world maps and various guides, you are waiting for a lot of new interesting challenges!

The app features more challenging obstacle courses, additional doors to open, and new tools to use. Although the level of difficulty may be higher compared to the previous chapters, players who are already acquainted with the game mechanics will find it easier to overcome these stages!

New fragments and advanced settings

You now have the option to equip their characters with more eccentric pets! The true extent of these creatures’ abilities remains uncertain, whether they provide specific buffs or serve alternate purposes. However, we offer to experiment and test the abilities of their pets!

They are able to be obtained by purchasing them in the spawn room or the safe zone. Furthermore, some entities are scattered throughout the secret rooms, providing an opportunity to discover and complete your collection of unusual yet adorable companions.

In addition, meticulous attention has been paid to fixing minor bugs and fixing any existing shortcomings, resulting in a vastly improved overall playthrough. As a result, you are now able to enjoy a pleasant, error-free environment. We proudly invite you to join us on this invigorating and exciting adventure where you can fully immerse yourself in an exceptionally fresh and exciting experience!

Color or Die Update