Color or Die

Your goal in the game Color or Die is to open 13 doors and collect all the brushes scattered around the spooky maze. However, this is not just a hunt, but a struggle for survival in search of real drawing materials! A scary monster is hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike.

To stay alive, you must smoothly merge with the walls like a chameleon, otherwise your fate is sealed and you are doomed to failure! Since you can only hide behind walls of the same hue as your bucket, the situation turns into an exciting conceal and seek. Stay vigilant and always be on the lookout!

Arm yourself with a rainbow

In this mysterious labyrinth, each brush is the key to the doors of certain shades. If you are faced with the fact that the hue is different, then your efforts to open it will be useless, because it does not matter. However, don’t forget to expand your horizons beyond painting as you have more to do than just painting.

Traveling through an intricate intricacy, you find yourself immersed in the realm of real artists, constantly discovering and carefully examining the tools of their craft. You may have doubts about the need for these items. However, rest assured, the situation hides a value that goes far beyond the initial perception.

After several dimly lit rotations, the tension in the game builds with each step until you finally find yourself in front of menacing barricaded doors. It is at this critical moment that a crystal-clear realization comes to you – these walls serve as the guardians of the key that opens the true path of freedom. Let your courage guide you as you prepare for your grim quest through the heart of the intricacy.

Play brainstorm

With each step, the game presents you with more and more formidable tests. Travel through the winding corridors of the maze, where insidious abysses looming before you, seemingly insurmountable. But fear not, because there is a way to overcome these frightening obstacles.

Use the power of your artistic skills to let your imagination run wild, turning everyday days into an extraordinary odyssey in the vibrant yet chaotic realm of Color or Die! Ready oneself to face the depths of intricate puzzles.

Outsmart the elusive latent monster that roams the shadows. Get on the right path from the mysterious black embrace of Bill and use your creativity and ingenuity to the fullest, because they will become your best allies in the future. Get ready to dive into this exciting quest to unravel the final secret of the labyrinth!

Color or Die